Upcoming events

  • 2017-04-28 5:30 PM - 2017-04-28 7:30 PM
    Jordan Kaplan lead the parallel service at Temple Avodah, Oceanside NY. Join us for our Erev Shabbat Service.
  • 2017-05-05 6:30 PM - 2017-05-05 8:00 PM
    Join us for a special Cinco De Mayo Latin Music special event as Jordan Kaplan piano man plays at the pre-Service social and nosh prior to the Shabbat Service at Temple Avodah.    
  • 2017-06-02 7:30 PM - 2017-06-02 9:30 PM
    Jordan Kaplan together with the other members of the Temple band Schleppenwolf play at a Special GREASE themed Erev Shabbat Service at Temple Avodah.  Favorite prayers to your favorite musical, GREASE! Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko and the Teen and Junior Choirs sing. All are welcome to attend this amazing innovative Service. No reservations or RSVP needed. If you have any questions please call the Temple Avodah office at 516-766-6809.