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Rock Shabbat at Temple Avodah @ 6:30

2016-04-15 5:30 PM - 2016-04-15 9:30 PM
Temple Avodah
3050 Oceanside Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572, United States

Jordan Kaplan together with the other members of the Temple band Schleppenwolf play at the Rock Shabbat Service at Temple Avodah.  Special Erev Passover Shabbat Theme!



About the Rock Shabbat Service from Temple Avodah:

One of our most popular Erev Shabbat services is what we lovingly call The Rock My Soul Shabbat — our Rock Shabbat Service. Some call it Jazz Shabbat. Rabbi Goren recently called it a Music Shabbat, and expressed it best: no matter what we call it, its the bringing of music to celebrate in our souls the prayers and joy as we (as friends, family and the Temple Avodah family) welcome Shabbat together.

This very moving service features the voices of our Junior Choir, as well as musical instruments and singing (and sometimes dancing) by the Temple congregation. Dancing in the aisles is encouraged. You will leave feeling inspired. Its only at Temple Avodah.